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Information Minister: Yemeni media in “complete disarray”

National Yemen

Minister of information

By: Abdulhakim Taha

Information Minister Ali Al-Amrani has stated that the Yemeni media establishment is in a state of complete disarray, and also that such a state has been observed in other countries which have experienced revolutions.

Al-Amrani stated that some Yemeni media outlets have failed to incorporate a focus on national unity, while others have effectively ignored Yemen’s traditions and culture.

According to Al-Amrani, the Information Ministry had taken no actions against any media outlets.

“We don’t restrict freedom of speech, and such media outlets will one day, and sooner than expected, cease to exist,” he added. He stated that his ministry was working to place restrictions on television channels’ activities in order to compel them to abide by the country’s laws.

Regarding the problems which face Yemeni media outlets, Minister Al-Amrani said they were mostly financial issues which accompanied recent national crises and which led to the collapse or near-collapse of a number of news outlets.

Al-Amrani gave assurances that his ministry was working to develop a media system that is able to stay abreast of Yemeni society’s various issues and problems.

Regarding concerns over preparations for the National Dialogue Conference, The Information Minister said the dialogue had no choice but to succeed and drive Yemen to safe shores; he added that Yemen’s various forces should agree to build a new future for a united Yemen.

“The challenges are many and the hurdles are significant enough. With their patriotism, the Yemeni people will reach solutions which resolve all their issues, just as they overcame issues connected with last year’s revolution,” said Al-Amrani.

Speaking about the revolution, Al-Amrani said that revolutionary goals cannot be achieved in one year, but rather that they require several years or even decades.

“Fifty years after the September Revolution – which ended Imamate rule – we still do not feel it achieved all of its goals, especially those related to poverty, ignorance and sickness,” he noted.

Al-Amrani said, however, that the 2011 Revolution had achieved most of its goals, including the election of a new president and the formation of a National Reconciliation Government.