Oil pipeline attacks prompt Safer Company to issue warnings

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oil field

By NY Staff

Yemen’s Safer Oil Exploration  and Production Company has warned of a possible oil production crisis as the result of continuous attacks targeting oil pipelines.

In a letter to Oil and Minerals Minister Ahmed Dares, Safer Company representatives stated that continuous attacks and the blocking of oil being transported to Aden refineries would result in a crisis and a serious deficiency in oil production.

“Weak security around the oil pipelines, fragile government control and delayed reactions to the security situation will cause Yemen heavy loses which will be difficult to make up for,” read the letter.

The company noted that drilling around the oil pipelines had increased lately, which has subsequently raised the alarm about possible dangers. According to the letter, losses resulting from canceled oil pumping operations had reached $310 million per month.

Safer Company representatives also stated that because of delayed reactions by concerned authorities and ignored warnings, the Marib main line had recently been subjected to no less than five sabotage attacks.

Oil pipelines have repeatedly been attacked by armed tribesmen and Al-Qaeda militants since the eruption of 2011’s revolution.

A meeting was recently held between the governor of Marib governorate and a number of sheikhs and military leaders to negotiate the current situation. At the meeting, sheikhs were given a deadline to negotiate with saboteurs and prevent further attacks.

Security forces in Marib governorate have stated that a man named Mohammed Hassan Kalfout blew up an oil pipeline in a sabotage attack just half an hour after experts had fixed it.

A Military Committee source said that it had warned all tribes in the area against such attacks and promised that perpetrators would be punished