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Secessionist Taj Organization resurfaces

National Yemen

A young man holds up a Southern Movement flag as fellow protesters in Aden march and demand separation from northern Yemen.

BY NY Staff

Though officially banned in Yemen, the Taj Organization – which is recognized as being the first organization to call for southern secession from north Yemen – recently held its first event after working secretly for twenty years.

A source in Aden governorate stated that the event was named “New Blood for a New Path Towards Independence,” and was attended by a number of people who support the organization.”

The event reportedly focused on using all available means to restore a ‘southern state and also promoted a disavowal of all government activities in Sana’a, including but not limited to the holding of elections, participation in the National Dialogue Conference or implementation of the GCC initiative.

The organization was first formed outside Yemen after the war of 1994 and is composed of various political forces, most of which are headed by political figures who held leadership position in the south before national unity was acheived.

Though it was the first organization to call for separation and was once the most prominent, it is now recognized as having little to no effect on local communities.