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Several parties relinquish National Dialogue participation

National Yemen

National Dialogue committee at a press Conference

By: Adel Al-Selwi

National Dialogue Conference Technical Committee member Saleh Ba-Sorah has reported that the dialogue will be held after two months, and that President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi would soon make an official announcement regarding its start date.

Meanwhile, three JMP parties have announced that they would not participate in the dialogue as protest for the representation percentage they were allotted.

Technical Committee sources have given assurances that after deliberations over the possibility of holding the dialogue outside Sana’a had been completed, it had been decided that it would in fact be held in the capital city of Sana’a.

“Sessions preceding the dialogue are to be held in different governorates, as will continue for six months,” added the sources. According to the sources, the representation percentages allotted to each party had been specified by Jamal Benomar and submitted to President Hadi for his approval. Sources added that some parties, the GPC among them, had objected to their percentages, but that their objections had been ignored.

A statement issued by the People’s Power Party conveyed that although the party wouldn’t participate in the dialogue, it was still committed to the nation’s interests and the 2011 Revolution’s goals. In the statement, party representatives justified their position by saying that the dialogue process wouldn’t be effective and successful if it lacked the right environment and conditions.

The same position was conveyed by Al-Haq and Arab Baath Socialist party representatives. Their messages followed the release of Jamal Benomar’s statement, which specified the number of seats each party was to receive at the National Dialogue Conference.