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190 cases of slavery discovered in north Yemen

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BY NY Staff,

A report issued by the Wethaq Organization for Human Rights has revealed the existence of 190 cases of slavery in Haja governorate in Yemen’s north.

“The field study, carried out by the organization over six months, revealed that there are 190 cases of slavery in three of the governorate’s directorates,” read the report.

Organization representatives noted that 116 cases were discovered in Khairan directorate; 61 cases in Aslam directorate; and 13 in Koaidina directorate.

According to the organization, many sheikhs in coastal areas have slaves and maids who work at their houses. In such cases, after these sheikhs die, the ownership of such individuals is passed on to their sons along with other personal properties.

In Haja governorate in 2008, there were reports of a case involving the sale of a man for half a million Yemeni rials.