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Al-Zayani: First phase of transitional period “ended successfully”

National Yemen

To the left of President Hadi, Mr. Abdulateed al-Zayani

BY NY Staff

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Secretary General Abdullatif Al-Zayani has stated that the GCC initiative was the lifeline which helped Yemen to avoid civil war. “The initiative maintained the stability and unity of the armed forces, and the first phase of the initiative ended successfully,” he stated.

Regarding the national dialogue conference, Al-Zayani stated that the dialogue represented the core of the political process and the mechanism which “it is hoped will assist Yemen avoid the worst possible situations, such as secession and the spread of riots. He noted that gulf countries are coordinating with all concerned sides to push forward efforts to hold a successful national dialogue.

Al-Zayani praised the role of Gulf nation leaders and foreign affairs ministers in monitoring the negotiation process and for finding solutions for any problems which popped up.

“Gulf countries are the best mediator for the Yemeni crisis because of the relations they have with Yemen,” he added.

Al-Zayani went on to praise international and regional organizations for their support of the GCC initiative.