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Defense Minister: Soldiers’ needs being attended to

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Defense Minister in a field visit

BY NY Staff

Defense Minister Mohammed Ahmed Nasser has given assurances that the nation is experiencing meaningful development and that it is on the path towards meeting the Yemeni peoples’ hopes and aspirations.

In a speech delivered to the 22nd Armored Brigade, Nasser praised soldiers for maintaining security and stability in southern Yemen.

Regarding army restructuring, the Defense Minister stated that the process was moving ahead in accordance with the dictates of the Gulf initiative and its time-based implementation mechanism. He also stressed the importance of maintaining the armed forces’ technical and combat readiness

“It is also necessary to enhance the scientific and military abilities and skills of the armed forces,” said Nasser.

According to him, the Ministry of Defense is working to provide the armed forces with all living- and health-based needs. He added that promotions and bonuses were being given to soldiers, as well as opportunities to receive training and qualifications at colleges and military institutes.

In a related matter, the Defense Minister visited the Dialysis and Kidneys Center at the Military Hospital in Taiz. At the hospital, he stated that he had issued directives that all the center’s equipment and clean water needs be met.