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Exhibition of female artists’ works held at Turkish Ambassador’s residence

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Ms. Gulhan Corman in the middle of the photo along with Yemeni women’s painters

BY NY Staff

Ms. Gulhan Corman, the wife of the Turkish Ambassador to Yemen, recently held an exhibition at the Turkish Ambassador’s Residence in Sana’a to exhibit Yemeni women’s paintings.

The exhibition received support from Dr. Azza Ghaniem, the wife of Yemen’s Foreign Minister, and from the Undersecretary of Yemen’s Minister of Culture.

Around 50 painters from different governorates were in attendance alongside their paintings.

Gulhan Corman said the idea hold such an exhibition came to mind when she attended a Ministry of Culture event. As an art enthusiast, she was drawn to two ladies who had their paintings with them.

“I talked with the ladies and they told me that they couldn’t find a gallery at which to exhibit their paintings. I told them I would open my house as a gallery for them,” she said.

From there, with the help of Ghaniem, Corman began to work to hold the exhibition. Ms. Corman was surprised by the number of female artists who expressed a desire to participate.

“I like art, and at my house in Anqra, all the walls are covered with paintings. I’m really so happy because the exhibtion became a reality. When I leave this country, this event will provide me with a nice memory from Yemen,” said Corman.

At the opening, Ghaniem thanked Corman for providing the opportunity to the starlets. “We should encourage their talent and take care of it,” she said. She also mentioned that Turkish relations with Yemen were very strong in all ways and that they would continue to be so.

For his part, Turkish Ambassador to Yemen Fazli Corman said that it was a happy occasion, and also that he was happy to meet the painters and see such a variety of artwork.

Traditional artist Howida Al-Kebsy, 21, said she likes to create realistic pictures using pencils and color.

“I’ve participated in many exhibitions, but what makes this one different is that I’m participating alongside a number of female artists. I’m really surprised that we have all these artists,” she said.

Hind Al-Saqqaf is a professional artist who has participated more than 30 times at different exhibitions and in different countries. Almost all of her paintings contain a window and light, so as to represent what she called “hope in life.”

“It’s a very nice initiative, but we hope this represents a step towards the Turkish Embassy holding an exhibiton for us in Turkey,” she said.

The event concluded with the taking of a memorial photo for the painters.