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Mujawar submits credentials to become permanent representative to UN

National Yemen

Dr. Ali Mohammed Mujarwar

BY NY Staff

Ex-Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawar has submitted his credentials to gain approval as an ambassador and permanent representative for Yemen to the United Nations. He was appointed to this position by way of a presidential decree on August 30th.

In doing so, President Hadi met Mujawar’s wishes to not work inside Yemen. The Presidential decree also prevented ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s plans to appoint Mujawar the Secretary General of the General People’s Congress Party.

Mujawar submitted his credentials to the UN office and sent his regards and thanks to the Yemeni government.

The General Manager of the UN office welcomed the incoming permanent representative of Yemen and expressed a readiness to help him succeed in his new position. He stated that the UN was keen to support Yemen and to help it overcome its current difficult circumstances.

Mujawar was born in the town of Al-Awaleq in Shabwa governorate and studied economic administration. He was appointed Prime Minister in 2007 and was the last prime minister in Saleh’s government.

Mujawar was among the officials who survived the assassination attempt which targeted Saleh on June 3, 2011.