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Senior officer and nine soldiers killed in Marib

National Yemen

A photo from archive for an ex-assassinated senior officer

BY NY Staff

Brigadier Nasser Mahdi and nine other soldiers were ambushed and killed early this week as traveled to Marib governorate to stop a sabotage attack against oil pipelines and power lines.

According to sources, Brigadier Mahdi was traveling with military units to secure the area and to help technical teams fix the power lines and oil pipelines when he was ambushed and killed along with the nine others who were with him.

“Gunmen from Al-Shabwan tribes burned two military cars and fought with soldiers before they escaped in the direction of Al-Jaouf governorate,” added the sources.

 Military reinforcements were sent to the location of the attacks to save the wounded soldiers. “Injured soldiers were first taken to the Safer Company hospital and then were transferred to hospitals either in Marib governorate or in Sana’a.

Latest reports have stated that the final outcome of the attack was 9 dead people, 19 critically wounded soldiers, and 13 others with minor injuries.

Continuous sabotage attacks on oil and power lines have caused military units to escalate their responses and strike places where attackers were believed to be hiding. Such escalated strikes have, however, provoked angry responses among local citizens.

“We condemn the indiscriminate shelling over villages and they had better arrest the attackers, whoever they are,” stated one citizen.