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Al-Beidh: Southern state will help “fight regional instability”

National Yemen

Ali Salam al-Beid

By NY Staff

Ali Salem Al-Beidh has reiterated his refusal to participate in the National Dialogue Conference, and also stated that while it comes as the result of the GCC initiative, it doesn’t concern southerners. He said the southern issue was not part of the initiative and that southern issues would at best only be discussed.

“When the southern state is restored, it will have stability; but this will not be so if southerners are not given their rights,” he said. “We don’t call for separation, but for a restoration of our state, which will help all sides fight regional instability.”

United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar has said that the National Dialogue Technical Committee has agreed that the south will have 50% representation in the dialogue.

“There are differences regarding the southern issue, which is normal, but we have agreed that there should be no limits on discussion,” said Benomar.

According to him, issues of separation and independence will be under discussion, all opinions are welcome and the decisions will be dependent on a consensus.

He said that he hadn’t spoken about presenting apologies to southerners and added that all agree that injustices had taken place and compensation would be discussed.

Benomar said that when the Southern Movement started in 2007, they were oppressed and unfulfilled promises had caused them to increase their demands, which included separation.

“Still, there are different opinions within the Southern Movement as well,” he added.