Al-Houthi: Ready for dialogue and ‘political arena’

National Yemen

Abdul Malik al-Houthi

BY NY Staff

Houthi leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi has stated that his group is ready to participate in the National Dialogue Conference. At the same time, he criticized how preparations for the conference had been conducted.

In a speech delivered to supporters, Al-Houthi stated that the dialogue should further consider the revolution in order for the Yemeni peoples’ desires to be achieved. He called on “Yemeni revolutionaries” to continue on with their peaceful revolution and added that reality has shown that nothing has really changed.

“Yemenis should not be fooled by what is going on; those who supported Ali Saleh and killed youths are still in the regime,” he added.

With regard to the killing of lawyer and Al-Haq Party leader Hassan Al-Dawla, Al-Houthi said that justice was still absent, as people are being killed in their rooms. He also condemned the attacking of people and revolutionaries in Taiz because they supported the revolution.

Regarding Houthi participation in the dialogue, he directed his words to the nation’s political powers and said, “We’re ready either for dialogue or the political arena if that’s what you want.”

Al-Houthi said that political powers shouldn’t seek western support and should be their own decision-makers.