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Army corruption investigated

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National Commission committee to Fight Corruption in a briefing discussing at Sheba Hotel

BY NY Staff

Sources have reported that the National Commission to Fight Corruption has begun considering and investigating cases of corruption connected with officials and leaders in the armed forces.

This news comes in step with demands that legislation which doesn’t allow for the investigation of senior officials in corruption cases be changed.

Commission Vice Chairman Belqis Abu-Osbou’ stated that corrupt individuals also happen to be some of society’s most influential, thereby making it difficult for real results to be achieved in the fight against corruption.

Investigations Chief Mohammed Sanhoob said that they have already worked on corruption cases for some army officials and also that other cases are on hold. Economists have stated that corruption is the main cause of peoples’ calls for change and that it has hindered the development process and increased unemployment levels.

International reports have stated that half of Yemen’s population lives in poverty and that more than half a million graduates do not have jobs.

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