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Army retaliates following killing of senior military official

National Yemen

Minister of Deference and military commanders

BY NY Staff

Following the killing of senior military official Nasser Naji, an army campaign waged against Al-Qaeda hideouts in Marib governorate has left 24 people – 17 soldiers and 7 armed tribesmen – dead in recent days.

A military source stated that “After Nasser Naji was ambushed, authorities launched a series of strikes in Abeda Valley using aircraft and rockets.”

Military officials also suspect that Al-Qaeda was behind the killing of an intelligence officer in Mukalla.

There has been growing concern that a plan exists to target southern military officials who are supported by Hadi. According to a military source, Hadi met with tribal sheikhs and demanded that they weed out subversive elements from their tribes; he also reminded them that attacks against government institutions and services would not be tolerated.

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