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Efforts to convince Ahmed Ali to hand over missile system continue

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Heavy weaponry in display at Asabian Square in Sana’a

BY NY Staff

Tensions between President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh further escalated when Hadi threatened to strip Saleh of his immunity if his relatives continued to refuse to abide by decrees and if he [Saleh] continued to support saboteurs.

High-level political sources have stated that United States Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro and administration official James Mates have been exerting a great deal of effort to convince Ahmed Ali Saleh to accept Hadi’s decrees and hand over the Republican Guard missile system to the Defense Ministry per Hadi’s directive.

Hadi has praised American and international support for Yemen in various situations.

“Efforts over the last period aimed to restore trust between military institutions and citizens and remove points of tension – in addition to making particular changes to the military establishment,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Technical Committee for the National Dialogue Conference submitted a list of conditions for participation in the dialogue which aim to prevent the former president and his supporters from participating.

“The standards for the choosing of representatives of political forces have already been set, including that they should not be involved in crimes connected with armed conflict which took place in the last year,” read a statement issued by the committee.

With regards to the standards for choosing representatives for youths, women and NGOs, the committee stated that they should be completely independent from any political parties and be legally-qualified for the position.

The committee spokesperson said that the committee had received a report from its southern representative which indicated that separatists are holding meetings and seem to be agreeing to join the conference.