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Hadi grants Jews 5 seats in National Dialogue

National Yemen

President Abdu Rabbu Hadi

BY NY Staff

The Sawa’a Organization for Fighting Discrimination has expressed appreciation for President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s decision to meet their demands and include Yemeni Jews in the National Dialogue Conference. A statement released by the organization said that Hadi had given orders for five seats to be given to Jews.

The organization had launched a campaign called “Ana Yemeni” in support of minorities demanding participation in the dialogue. The dialogue also called for the cancellation of laws which prevent minorities from participating in politics.

According to a Sawa’a representative, Jewish involvement in the National Dialogue will represent the achievement of equal citizenship which Yemenis hope to achieve by way of the conference.

“We hope that our demands for equal citizenship be seriously considered in the dialogue, especially for Jews who aren’t allowed to participate in the political arena or have any chance in elections,” said the Sawa’a representative.

Previously, the National Dialogue Technical Committee had excluded Jews from the list of conference participants.