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Military forces in pursuit of Ansar Al-Shariah militants

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Military forces and militiamen defeat Ansar Al-Shariah in Abyen

BY NY Staff

A number of locations in Abyan governorate in south Yemen have been flooded with military intelligence authorities monitoring the movements of Al-Shariah militants. Military sources have reported that security forces there were put on alert for possible confrontations with armed militants.

In related news, Al-Mahfad directorate in Abyan province has witnessed clashes between Ansar Al-Shariah militants and armed militias. The clashes ended with Ansar Al-Shariah taking control of locations which had previously been controlled by the militias. Eight militiamen reportedly switched sides and joined the militant side.

According to local sources, a number of militants who fled from Marib governorate attacked barriers erected by militiamen and were able to defeat them due to an absence of security forces.

“They also broke into a local council headquarters and set it on fire,” added a source. They also reported movements by the militants, who had reportedly been planning to attack members of militias which supported the army in its fight against Ansar Al-Shariah early this year.

At a press conference, a military source from the Ministry of Defense stated that the security administration in Abyan had put all units on alert for possible confrontations with the militants, who moved into Abyan governorate being the target of strikes in Marib.

The military source said he expected the militants to reorganize themselves in Dhaiqa Valley because of its mountainous terrain.”The terrain of the valley makes it difficult for army forces to launch their operations,” he added.