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Tribal dispute over LNG project leaves at least 10 dead

National Yemen

Young Yemeni loyal to al-Houthi

By: Bushra Al-Ameri

Representatives from the Yemeni Contractors’ Union and General Union for Oil and Gas Export Workers have condemned the killing of more than 10 people and injuring of many more in armed conflicts between two tribes in Shabwa governorate this past week.

The fighting erupted between contracted workers from the two tribes over an LNG Company project.

In a statement, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Abeedi, Vice Chairman of the General Union for Contractors’ Affairs, said the conflict could be attributed to corruption and a lack of transparency.

“Not applying laws and required standards for project proposals also contributes to such problems,” said Al-Abeedi.

He called on security institutions and the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to form a committee to investigate the violence, discover its cause, and make preparations for the arrest and prosecution of guilty parties.