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Yemeni Intelligence issues warning to its own community

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Yemeni Friday Prayer

BY NY Staff

According to sources, Yemeni intelligence has issued a security warning to members of its own community to move with extreme caution and avoid public places, and especially mosques.

The warning’s release can be attributed to escalating terrorist and assassination operations which have targeted intelligence officers. More than 80 such officers have been assassinated in Yemen since 2010.

Al-Qaeda has been suspected or accused of being behind most of the assassinations. However, some political figures have accused ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh of having direct involvement with violence in the country since he left office in late February of this year.

In response to reports that Al-Qaeda would be indirectly represented in the planned National Dialogue Conference, UN Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar said, “Conference attendees must be Yemenis who reject violence and believe in the dialogue’s importance.