Air Force renews strikes on tribal locations

National Yemen

Sana’a’s one-day makeover

BY NY Staff

This past Monday, the Yemeni Air Force launched fresh strikes on many areas held by the Bawadi tribe in Marib governorate. Simultaneously, armed forces arrived in Sorwah to confront those involved in sabotage attacks against government institutions in the governorate.

Local sources confirmed that military units from the 312th Brigade stationed at Sorwah were reinforced by tanks and rocket launchers as part of efforts to improve the military’s capacity to protect oil pipelines from further attacks.

A source added that the Air Force launched strikes on a number of tribal areas targeting Al-Qaeda locations and armed men accused of participation in recent sabotage attacks against oil pipelines and power lines.

The governorate has witnessed violent confrontations between the military and armed tribesmen with links to Al-Qaeda; fighting has left tens of individuals dead and many wounded. Marib governorate has also borne witness to harsh fighting following the recruitment of tribesmen to protect service institutions by local authorities.