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Al-Mekhlafi: New constitution in 9 months’ time

National Yemen

Minister Dr. Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi

By NY Staff

Legal Affairs Minister Dr. Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi has said the Arab Spring revolutionaries essentially sought change – and democratic reforms in particular. He said the final outcomes should come in the form of new constitutions which apply democratic principles.

According to Al-Mekhlafi, Yemen’s new constitution should be prepared within nine months’ time.

“The new constitution will then be subject to a public referendum,” he said.

Al-Mekhlafi said that most who plan to participate in the dialogue remain worried that they won’t be able to effect over all authorities – including the army and security forces – which remain in the hands of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s family.

“This issue must be resolved before the dialogue is held in order to make all feel safe to participate,” he said.

According to him, the second obstacle which could impede the dialogue’s success is a manipulation of particular sides, and especially southern ones. He added that the dialogue should have begun in December, but the Dialogue Technical Committee hadn’t submitted its final report to the president, who will only call for the dialogue to be held after it has been received.

Regarding conflicts Arab Spring countries are still engaged in, Al-Mekhlafi said it was doubtless easier to oust ruling regimes than to agree on forms of change.