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Southern sheikh calls for massive march

National Yemen

Haraki Friday prayers

By: Yahya al-Marati -Radfan

People in the southern city of Al-Hubail in Lahj governorate recently listened to a speech by Sheikh Ahmed Ali Al-Hubab, who spoke about new developments in Yemen’s political landscape. Sheikh Al-Hubab said the “occupying Yemeni regime” enforces laws only when it comes to weak citizens.

“If the killer is from the Al-Ahmar family, they will never punish him; yet they punish, arrest and torture the one who demands his rights,” said Al-Hubab.

He added that it had been proven that northerners had destroyed national unity. Al-Hubab further noted that the GPC and Islah party had agreed to occupy Yemen’s south. According to him, they committed crimes against southerners in the 1994 war, “after their scholars issued a fatwa.”

Al-Hubab commented that injustice would not continue forever, and that rights would one day reappear if southerners continued pushing their case. “We have sacrificed too much for our cause, the southern cause,” he added.

He warned that the dialogue would translate to “conceding to the occupiers, which is never accepted in Islam.” He wondered aloud how southerners could participate in a dialogue with those who “looted their wealth, occupied their lands, and destroyed their homes.”  He continued, “It wouldn’t be possible to hold a dialogue with them while they daily kill our sons and arrest others.”

Al-Hubab called on the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to remember their duty to help southerners, “who have been killed since the war of1994 amid international silence and ignorance.”

He questioned why “crimes against southerners who raise the flag of freedom” have met with silence from the international community. Al-Hubab finally called for a massive march on January 13th, 2013, for “southerners to prove their solidarity to the world” and “show that our sole demands are for independence and liberation.”