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Houthis reject National Dialogue

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Houthi in a big gathering in Sa’ada

By: Abdulaziz Al-Hayajim

Houthi representatives have announced a final decision, stating that they completely reject Yemen’s current political process. In a statement, the Houthis confirmed President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s recent comments to the effect that the northern rebels wouldn’t participate in the planned National Dialogue Conference, and also that the decision not to do so had come from Tehran, Iran.

Houthi representatives expressed a complete rejection of recent decisions by Hadi concerned with restructuring the nation’s armed forces.

A statement issued from Houthi leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi’s office stated that decisions to retain associates of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh who participated in the killing of revolutionaries don’t serve Yemenis.

“Our movement will continue on the revolutionary path until the whole of the former regime is ousted,” read the statement.

According to the statement, the army restructuring represents an American procedure designed to put the army under U.S. control, thereby available to serve American interests. In accordance with the statement issued by the Houthi leader, followers marched in Sa’ada to express their rejection of the president’s decrees and other government actions. According to political analysts, these latest actions by the Houthis open the doors to the possibility of a seventh war with the government and army.

In early December, Houthis representatives contacted the National Dialogue Technical Committee and stated that former Ali Salem Al-Beidh participation in the dialogue was a precondition for their own participation.

A further stipulation was that Ali Mohsen, now-former Commander of the First Armored Division and Ahmed Ali Saleh, former Commander of the Republican Guard, be dismissed.

In a related matter, Dr. Omar Mujalli, Secretary General of Sa’ada and Harf Sufyan’s Citizens’ Association, has stated that citizens of Sa’ada are ignored by the government and suffer from poor conditions as the result of Houthi actions.

“They kill, terrorize people, loot their possessions and occupy their farms,” said Mujalli. According to him, Houthis amount to only 5% of Sa’ada governorate’s population.

Days earlier, National Security Chief General Ali Hassan demanded that Iran cease training and financing Houthi rebels, and also stated that Iran had seized the opportunity to broaden the conflict operate as they choose in Yemen.

“Sana’a has clear evidence that Iran is interfering in Yemeni affairs; we arrested a number of people working to further Iranian plans in Yemen,” he said.

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