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Islah Party calls out for intervention by Pres. Hadi

National Yemen

Fathi Alaazab

By NY Staff

The Islah party has accused a group of Houthis, led by Faiz Al-Laith, of breaking into their headquarters ths past Sunday for the second time. Party representatives described the break-in as part of a continuous series of attacks against Islah Party members and institutions in Sa’ada governorate.

In a statement, the Islah Party called on President Hadi to urgently intervene and stop raids against citizens in Sa’ada and form a committee to investigate recent events.

“We warn of the repercussions of their actions on efforts to hold the National Dialogue,” they added.

In the statement, the Islah Party held the Houthis accountable for all consequences of raids against Islah institutions. They also held the Houthis accountable for all damage done to their central headquarters and demanded that authorities prevent further attacks against the Islah Party.

In the statement, the Islah Party condemned “irresponsible attacks against its headquarters and institutions” and called for all human rights organizations to do their part in uphold laws which criminalize such actions. The party representatives stated that they wholeheartedly refused to engage in violence and also that they would continue their fight to obtain their rights and freedom, as guaranteed by the constitution.