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12-year-old boy found hanged in Sana’a

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By: Bushra Al-Ameri

The General Union of Municipalities and Housing Workers has stated that a twelve-year-old son of a cleaner was found hanged in a building in Sana’a’s Bani Al-Hareth district.

In a statement, the General Union stated that the father of the boy had informed the police in his area that his son had disappeared for three days. After searching for him along with the neighbors, they found him hanged in one of the buildings being constructed in Bani Hareth.

The police have not released any statements further explaining the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death.

The General Union demanded that guilty parties be found and prosecuted, as in its opinion, a crime had been committed against union workers. Furthermore, the union warned concerned authorities against procrastination or any attempts to misrepresent facts.