A silent response to our increasing terror

National Yemen

heavily armed

By: Abbas Al-Dhaleai


While security authorities have been unable to identify the killers, assassinations by gun-wielding men on motorcycles have steadily increased.

Silence in response to such crimes is equal to committing the crime itself. It’s absurd to realize that the government has been unable to capture a single guilty party in the long series of crimes. Last week at night, my son was subjected to a failed kidnapping attempt – this after other, similar attempts and related phone calls.

I recently received a call from Saudi Arabia in which the caller threatened to kill me, tear me into pieces, put my body in plastic bags and throw the bags to be eaten by dogs. I honestly can’t expect what is to follow these messages.

While Brigadier Al-Radfani was assassinated, Brigadier Al-Ghorbani survived an assassination attempt and security forces prevented an attempt to blow up a car. In the near past, Hadhramout witnessed many assassination attempts – some of which succeeded, while others failed.

We have now become used to sleeping after hearing news of such crimes – and waking to hear more of the same. Silence on the part of our security forces and a failure to reveal the names of killers either indicates their failure or a complete absence of our authorities’ consciences.

The silence in response to crimes of assassination and kidnapping against honest soldiers, officers and journalists is shameful and the authorities should at once begin correcting their policies. Or else they should admit their failures and quit their positions, thereby allowing better officers to take their places and provide people with real protection.

My trust and belief is in and with the Attorney General; I believe he is the only person able to open criminals’ files and stem the series of killings which the government has paid zero attention to. The Attorney General should completely realize that our weapon is our ability to speak the truth out loud, and also that no-one can make us give it up.

Our weapon kills no-one, and those who are harmed by it should respond in like manner instead of using guns, the latter only indicating their failure and inability to defend themselves.

Protecting me and everyone else is the responsibility of the law. The Interior Minister and Attorney General will be the first to be asked in the event that I, or any one of my family, are hurt. I am a good citizen and what I do is protected by law.

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