Change Square imam praises Hadi’s decrees

National Yemen

Friday Prayers in Sana’a

By: Fouad Al-Maslamy

The Imam for Sana’a’s Change Square has praised President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s recent decrees as well as efforts by the Military Committee to enact the restructuring decisions.

Imam Abdulwahed Al-Najar said that revolutionaries should feel happy about their revolution’s accomplishments. Al-Najar demanded that President Hadi instantly begin executing his decrees, further stating that their execution was no less important than their issuance. According to Al-Najar, the revolution would correct whatever was wrong and compensate citizens for what they have suffered through.

“Our revolution will turn the page on the former ruling family and corrupt individuals as long as the wheel of change is moving; Hadi’s decrees are the revolution’s first result,” he said.

In front of thousands of protesters, Al-Najar said there was no alternative to the planned National Dialogue Conference but conflicts and disintegration.

“However, many important steps should be taken and applied prior to the dialogue’s holding, such as Hadi’s latest decisions,” he added.

He also spoke about a number of current issues, such as assassinations, sectarianism and countrywide armed conflicts and also wondered aloud why certain Yemeni forces don’t wish to participate in the National Dialogue.

“The dialogue’s outcome should be powerful enough to resolve all these issues,” said Al-Najar.

Speaking about the Iranian ship loaded with weapons that arrived at Yemeni shores, he said, “They sent weapons to kill Yemeni citizens and incite sectarianism; those who support this should know that they cannot help in constructing the nation.”

Al-Najar concluded his speech by saying that revolutionary youth would never participate in the National Dialogue with killers and that such individuals would be pursued until they were prosecuted for their crimes.