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Workshop on ‘teaching strategies’ held at Pakistan School

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Participants at the Pakistani School workshop

By: Maram Al-Abassi

This past Thursday, the Pakistan School held a training workshop focused on teaching strategies. 32 teachers from both public and private schools participated in the workshop, which will be held over the next two Thursdays.

Addressing those in attendance at the outset of the workshop, speaker Ibrahim Al-Khawlani said, “In this workshop, we have to exchange experiences and promote our teaching techniques.”

The workshop, which began with a focus on ‘modern teaching strategies and the use of audiovisuals’, was sponsored by the Pakistan School, Maktabati Bookshop, Dubai for Toys and Al-Bustan Hotel.

The Pakistan School’s Educational Supervisor, Mona Al-Khateeb, said, “We have put in a lot of effort to organize and supply all of what teachers need during this workshop, to change teachers’ perspectives on using audiovisuals and materials to explain things.”

Speaking about the prospect of future workshops, Abdulkarim Al-Shari, the head of Al-Wehda district’s Activities and Strategies Department, said, “There will be many workshops to make teachers aware of how important audiovisuals are to promoting teaching and relating them to our community.”