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‘Civic Charter for Yemen’s Future’ introduced

The National Organization for Societal Development (NODS) recently held a press conference to announce the ‘Civic Charter for Yemen’s Future’.

The charter has resulted in thoughtful discussions hosted in Cairo, Sana’a, Aden and Taiz as part of a project carried out by the organization with funding from the U.S.-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Parliamentarian Shawqi Al-Qathi, head of the National Organization for Societal Development (NODS) stated that the Arab Spring revolutions sprung up to restore citizens’ possession of authority.

“All Yemeni citizens are equal, with no difference between them, regardless of religion, race, sex, and all are entitled to participate in shaping of Yemen’s future,” he stressed.

Al-Qathi added that the document was created to express ideas of Yemeni identity and culture and to help build a desirable Yemen.

He also pointed out that he would work to deliver the document to the President, the Prime Minister, all political parties and revolutionary components and circulate it to imams to raise community awareness of its civic-minded contents.

For his part, Sheikh Abdul-Fatah Al-Yafei that the document emphasized that the Republic of Yemen was an Arabic and Islamic country, sovereign and independent, and also that the Yemeni people were part of an Arab and Islamic nation.

Researcher Mohammed Salem Azzan said the document confirmed the nature of the state, based on concepts of decentralization and local governance.

Dr. Asma Al-Qurashi stated the necessity of empowering women with rights to full participation in elections and nominations to all possible positions, and stressed the importance of women’s participation in the Constitution Drafting Committee and other committees and the need for 30% participation in parliamentary and local governance.

“All forms of negative discrimination against women must be removed, whether in law or in practice,” she said.