No updates as to kidnapping victims’ whereabouts

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BY NY Staff

There have been no official updates as to the status of the three foreigners who were kidnapped in the midst of a crowd in Sana’a’s Tahrir Square. Government reports have stated that the security services are currently conducting wide-scale manhunts to locate the kidnapping victims.

An official source from the Interior Ministry said on Monday that the recently kidnapped foreigners – two Finnish and one Austrian – were kidnapped by tribesmen who have since demanded a ransom for their release. According to the official, the three foreigners are being held in Khawlan, which lies 20 kilometers away from Sana’a.

Yemen witness many kidnaps of foreigners every now and then by tribesmen who use them as pressure card to solve their disputes with authorities.

A representative from the Finnish Foreign Ministry has stated that he was unable to confirm either the ransom amount or that the kidnapped individuals were being detained by tribesmen.

In a related matter, tribesmen have kidnapped the son of Yemen International’s manager in an area outside Sana’a. According to a bank source, his kidnappers have demanded compensation for land which they claim was seized by the bank.