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Sources: Ahmed Ali Saleh gave up position weeks ago

National Yemen

Ahmed Ali

BY NY Staff

Reliable sources have stated that Ahemd Ali Saleh submitted his resignation to President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi ten days before the latter issued decrees to restructure Yemen’s armed forces.

“He had travelled to Rome in protest of Hadi’s demand that he hand over the missile system,” said the source.  The source added that Ahmed Ali was in Rome to arrange a settlement for his father, who has been obliged to depart Yemen before the planned National Dialogue Conference is held.

Sources at the presidential compound have stated that while Ahmed Ali lost his position as head of the now-defunct Republican Guard, he may be appointed to another position in the armed forces. His responsiveness to Hadi’s decrees helped lessen fears of increased turmoil in Yemen.

Hadi has promised to unite the army, which was divided into anti-regime forces and supporters of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose continued presence in the national political scene causes worries for many Yemeni citizens.

Sources have added that it may take at least six months for Hadi’s decrees to be implemented and that, in the meantime, Ahmed Ali and Ali Mohsen will continue to head certain military brigades.


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