New Year brings new hopes

Asma Al-Mohattwari

Last week ended a happy, harsh, revolutionary year and ushered in a New Year with all its unknowns. Yemenis went into 2012 hoping for safety, security and peace.

This year, Yemenis have hope that the country will see the end of the political and economic crisis so that they may seek a prosperous, secure and blessed future.

If Yemenis have any political hopes or aspirations, they are likely pinning them on the upcoming National Dialogue.

As we say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013, we asked Yemenis to share their wishes for a New Year.

Mohammed Al-Asaadi, Journalist

The history and current situation in Yemen is exhausting, tiring, and depressing. Customs, traditions, social and political conflicts tie us to pain which deprive our souls from comfort and inner stability.

Hundreds of people were killed by those who are supposed to provide us with security. For a few happy, revolutionary moments, a heavy price is often paid. This past year left us without real joy and with continued dissatisfaction, fatigue, and division.

In the New Year I hope Yemen and Yemenis triumph over all sources of pain and divide. I hope this year provides us an opportunity to learn how to build our nation and make the best of the scarce resources available. I also hope that we can collectively learn how to enjoy life and have fun like people everywhere. In short, I wish Yemen a happy and prosperous New Year.

Mohammed Sharaf, Businessman

I hope to see a different Yemen in 2013. I want Yemen to grow, flourish and do away with the culture of racism, sectarianism and factionalism and replace it with brotherhood, love, equality, tolerance and deepened national unity.

I really wish to see a smile on the face of every poor person or those suffering from ill health. I hope to see a smile on the face of all people in all parts of Yemen.

All this can be achieved if we elect officials whose actions and efforts are for Yemen.

Whatever I achieved in my life, my main ambition is to give back to my homeland because it has given me everything.

Eyad Ahmed, Student

 I am very optimistic about the New Year and my first wish is for security and stability to prevail in Yemen. I am certain that Yemen will change for the better this year as there are many graduates in fields that will improve the country, like science.

I would like to complete my studies with honors, to learn from my environment and from other cultures and to practice the values instilled in me by my homeland.

I believe that the past year was good because people educated themselves politically and rejected unjust rule. 2013 will be even better, both for me personally and for the country as a whole. My hope is for everyone to be happy.

Maysoon Al-Eryani, Director of Regeen Foundation for Development and Human Rights

This last year was very difficult and tough and I don’t think that this year will be easier, but I hope to fulfill my goal of meeting difficult challenges.

I hope that Yemen’s situation will stabilize so that we can free up our energies and concentrate on other efforts, like developing Yemen. My personal hope for the New Year is to accomplish my goals and be worthy of being Yemeni.

Aml Hashem, Sana’a University Graduate  

I hope that Yemen’s political and security situation improves so that people can plan for the future properly. Without security and stability, the future is insecure.

My wish, along with every other graduate, is to have a job. In the New Year, can we find jobs in the public or even private sector with good salaries?

This question haunts all youth despite the promises and assurances being made.

I hope I won’t be disappointed and that I’ll find motivation to be successful in the job market with the knowledge I received at university.

Qusai Mohammed, Falcon Exchange Co. Employee

We must be positive in our outlook for the future and more ambitious for personal success.

I hope 2013 will be a year of prosperity so that we can begin to make-up for recent short-falls. We must learn from the challenges we’ve faced and use them to succeed.

How beautiful to see young people reach for more self-improvement.

If we’re determined, 2013 will be better. We are the ones responsible for improving our lives. We must be optimistic and have hope, despite all the obstacles and setbacks.

“What a narrower life we live without hope.”

Mansour Al-Samadi, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Liberal Party of Yemen

My wish is to see peace and freedom not only for Yemen but for the whole world. I hope that we Yemenis may achieve our dream of justice, dignity and freedom in our homeland, that we can overcome the difficult and harsh circumstances we’ve all faced.

National Yemen

Youth share their hopes for the new year

I look forward to the end of the bloodshed that’s gripped our country—an end to the assassinations and sectarianism. I hope that peace, brotherhood, love and coexistence can prevail. That all Yemenis can live together without discrimination based on sex, tribe, creed or political affiliation.

Everyone should roll up their sleeves and begin the process of rebuilding and developing the country, work towards ending corruption and saying no to war. We want a modern, civil, Yemeni state.

On a personal level, I look forwarding to personally delivering this message on behalf of the Liberal Party of Yemen to all Yemenis and governorates.