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Security measures tightened in capital

National Yemen

Interior Minster Abdulqadir Qahtan talks to soldiers

By NY Staff

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi has directed the political and national security forces to intensify intelligence gathering operations which aim to eliminate continuous armed attacks which target crowded locations. The capital city of Sana’a has also seen the introduction of security measures, including new checkpoints near Hadi’s house and the rest of Sana’a.

A number of checkpoints have also been created on both major and minor streets. The tightened security comes after a number of explosive devices were found in different parts of the capital.

Groups of soldiers from the First Armored Division spread out along Sixty Meters Road – where Hadi’s house is located – and subjected passing cars to strict inspections. In addition, soldiers tightened control over entrances to Sana’a. A number of suspect cars and motorcycles were detained for not having license plates or because unlicensed weapons were found in the vehicles.

In a related matter, security forces at Dhali governorate have announced that 11 Al-Qaeda militants – as well as two escapees of Hodeida’s Political Security Prison last year – have been arrested.