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Tribesmen demonstrate against U.S. airstrikes

National Yemen

Tribes gather in a tribal issue in north Sana’a

By: Majed Karot

Alongside a number of individuals suspected of affiliation with the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, tribesmen in Al-Bayda’ governorate recently gathered to demonstrate against military strikes targeting locations in their region.

Eyewitnesses said that individuals suspected of belonging to Al-Qaeda attended the protest and raised banners with slogans indicating as much. Local sources announced that the imam in attendance announced that peaceful protests would be organized until the strikes ended.

However, a number of gunmen blocked passage between Al-Bayda’ and Sana’a for more than four hours and reopened the street after a tribal mediation led by Sheikh Saleh Al-Mashriqi met with success.

“Although we are all against airstrikes, you should know that blocking roads is forbidden in Islam and not allowed by law,” Al-Mashriqi said in a speech to the gunmen.

Leader Moqbel Al-Surari said that he would be among those “waiting and peacefully protesting” until they received a response from the government.

A plane thought to belong to the U.S. launched three airstrikes in the last two weeks, which resulted in the deaths of seven individuals suspected of belonging to Al-Qaeda.

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