Yemenis united, politicians divided

Yemenis united, politicians divided

Asma Al-Mohattwari

Asma  Al-Mohattwari

On New Year’s night I found myself questioning the real reason behind the political crisis Yemen has undergone this past year.  Many reasons and ideas came to mind, but I finally concluded that it was because individuals work for the benefit of themselves and not the larger community.

Sectarian groups, political parties and government officials work under the slogan “For Yemen,” but ultimately, they are working for their own individual interests.

You call for democracy—what kind of democracy?

You kill each other in order to rise to the top, ignoring all those below you and in the process you are destroying Yemen.

Many of my friends are Islah supporters, my relatives are Houthis and my neighbor is from the south, yet we love each other. If I had a problem, I know I would find myself surrounded with them, ready to help me.

Ultimately, the problem is not us. We all belong to the same religion, country and culture. Unfortunately, the problem is POLITICS.

They are fighting for the power to rule, not to benefit Yemen, but to benefit themselves. They seek power, wealth and possessions, forgetting about the people’s needs.

Question: will Yemen develop and eliminate poverty and unemployment?

The answers to Yemen’s problems are manageable when the powerful stop thinking of themselves and put the country’s interests before their own.

It would not hurt them to make these concessions.

We are fed up with your slogans. We want to live in peace, security and stability. If you’re going to pursue your own interests, do it far away from us and not in our names.

I hope we can start the New Year with new determination, new thoughts and new and better ways of treating each other.

Let us be brothers and sisters—let us join hands to build a new Yemen.