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27 Yemeni child offenders awaiting execution

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A photo from archive, child offenders awaiting execution

By NY Staff

Ahmed Al-Qurashi, the Manager of the Seyaj Organization for the Protection of Children in Yemen recently spoke about execution sentences which have been given to Yemenis who were convicted of crimes before reaching adulthood.

 According to Al-Qurashi, the issue of children being sentenced to death is a deeply-rooted problem in Yemeni society, all the more so since the law states that criminal responsibility begins when defendants are 18 years of age.

According to statistics issued by the organization, 27 child offenders in Yemen have been sentenced to death.

“Four of these sentences were approved during the ruling period of the former president; one boy was executed and a girl is awaiting the execution of her death sentence,” said Al-Qurashi.

Al-Qurashi spoke about a 40-year-old man and stated that he was only 13 years when he was imprisoned.

“He married another prisoner and had a child,” he said.

According to Al-Qurashi, the man’s wife left the prison while he was still waiting in prison to be executed.

The Seyaj manager also stated that 18-year-old prisoners are regularly beaten and that corruption is widespread throughout the Yemeni judiciary system.

“The sentencing of children to death can be attributed to crimes of murder which happen throughout Yemeni society because of loose security loose, the weapons trade and tribal revenge,” he said.

The Seyaj organization provides children who have been illegally sentenced with free legal representation.