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Assassination attempt foiled in Sana’a

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Assassination attempt foiled in Sana’a

By NY Staff

This past week, citizens and security forces managed to prevent a motorcyclist with a silencer-equipped firearm from assassinating a security officer in Sana’a.

According to witnesses, the sniper’s face was covered and he had been seen following the officer from Sana’a’s Radio neighborhood.

“He was caught before he was able to carry out the crime, and was handed over to the police along with his gun,” a witness said.

Yemen has witnessed a large number of targeted killings since the current government was formed, with more than 74 officers left dead. Most of these assassinations involved the use of motorcycles, which recently compelled the Interior Ministry to launch a campaign of confiscating unlicensed motorcycles.

Three hundred and five unlicensed motorcycles and 72 vehicles were impounded during the first day of the campaign in Sana’a, the Security Media Center revealed.

On the second day of the campaign, 142 motorcycles and 22 vehicles were impounded, leaving the total number of motorcycles and vehicles impounded to 583.