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GPC adopts federalist vision for Yemen

National Yemen

Ahmed Obaid Bin-Dhagr

By NY Staff

The General People’s Congress (GPC) Party has announced an adoption of the federalist aim in a move which brings the party closer to the vision held by the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP).

Ahmed Obaid Big-Dhagr, Secretary Assistant of the GPC, stated that the centralist system represented a reason behind complaints and suffering in the southern governorates. He further demanded the establishment of “a state which attracts the love of its people, and a state that grant the citizens their right to administrate their daily and financial affairs.”

On the same matter, a prominent JMP leader stated that his party had almost finalized its vision for a new formula for a modern Yemen.

“We will suggest dividing the country into five federal regions, with each region having full authority to govern itself; we will present our vision at the National Dialogue,” he stated.