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GPC condemns defiance of President Hadi

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GPC condemns defiance of President Hadi

By NY Staff

Representatives of the GPC Party and other parties allied with it have stated they consider any violations of the GCC initiative or President Hadi’s decisions to represent a clear defiance of the Yemeni people’s will.

The parties demanded that the ten countries sponsoring the political settlement condemn those who block the GCC initiative. They also confirmed their support for President Hadi and condemned abusive campaigns against him.

“The campaigns are by sides which are trying to bar the path of change and the construction of a modern country,” read one statement.

The party representatives also stated support for decisions of Hadi’s which have aimed to end the outsized status of particular army divisions.

“All the decisions which Hadi has been issuing pave the way for a new phase in Yemen’s history and aim to end further manifestations of the crisis Yemen just passed through,” stated a GPC Party representative.

In a statement, the GPC Party stated that President Hadi must be trusted. The Party also took the opportunity to reconfirm its support for the planned National Dialogue Conference.