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U.S. Intelligence has ‘joint operations room’ in Sana’a

National Yemen

US Embassy front gate Sanaa-Yemen

By NY Staff

U.S. Intelligence is reportedly working to establish a couple ‘operations rooms’ in as-yet-unnamed Yemeni cities. Sources have told the National Yemen that a joint operations room in Sana’a is run by U.S. Intelligence services. Eleven information engineers reportedly work at the operations at the present time.

A source at the National Security Board confirmed the news and said the room is located atop Sana’a’s Noqom Mountain.

“The operation room is equipped with advanced computers systems and contains screens linked to a satellite system,” said the source.

The operations room’s main task is reportedly to monitor a large portion of the capital around the clock, and especially government and diplomatic institutions, including President Hadi’s residence and the U.S. Embassy.

“The operations room began functioning last week and it is more advanced than the anti-terrorism joint operations room, which lies east of the capital,” said the source.