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Youth in Taiz protest against idea of tribal committee

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Youth in Taiz protest against idea of tribal committee

By NY Staff

This past Thursday, a number of revolutionary youths in Taiz recently participated in a protest dubbed “I am protesting for Taiz” to condemn their governor’s decision to form a consultative committee composed of 13 sheikhs. The protestors demanded that the governor’s decision be called be called off.

The protesters organized their protest before the governorate council building on Thursday morning and many warned of consequences if their demands were met by procrastination.

In a press release, the protest’s organizing committee condemned the use of violence against employees who demonstrated at electricity institutions this past Wednesday. The press release also contained a demand that current manager Ghazi Ahmed be removed from his post.

The Protestors called on the governor to quickly remove corrupt figures rather than defend them and for him to carry out dramatic change across the board in institutions and executive boards.

They further demanded the establishment of a city controlled by the government and not sheikhs and military leaders.