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Hadi: Large numbers of Military forces fabricated

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Yemen Military forces a photo from archive

By NY Staff

President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi set 19 January as the deadline for lists of participants in the planned National Dialogue Conference to be presented. Hadi’s accompanied the statement with a threat to publicly reveal the names of those seen to be impeding implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) transition initiative.

According to sources, President Hadi has said that he will announce on 23 January the names of parties and powers which have actively worked against implementation of the GCC as a way to promote chaos in Yemen.

“The National Dialogue is the only existing way to respond to the difficult circumstances Yemen is passing through, and the only tool for building towards a thriving future,” Hadi said.

Sources said that only three parties have so far submitted the names of nominees for participation in the National Dialogue: the Al-Rashad, Al-Haq and Al-Wahdaowie parties. They added that Yemen’s major parties had yet to submit nominees.

It was reported that a Houthi representative withdrew from the meeting as soon as the U.S. ambassador arrived in the meeting hall.

Sources also stated that President Hadi revealed that around 128 thousand names of Republican Guard soldiers had been completely manufactured; statistics have shown that only 78 thousand soldiers were in fact enlisted in the Republican Guard.

Yemeni and Jordanian experts are currently working on the final touches of the project to restructure Yemen’s armed forces.

“President Hadi stated that there were only five days left to complete the effort,” said a source.

It has been reported that the president refused to implement a prior military restructuring project because it didn’t put decision-making powers concerned with national security in the hands of the Interior Minister.

The President also said that different military units’ financial departments had been placed in a single Defense Ministry department.

“As all citizens desire, the Minister of Defense will precede the House of Representatives when it comes to who is in charge of military affairs,” said Hadi.

President Hadi went on to say that the aim of the restructuring was to have the armed forces serve the people and the nation, as opposed to serving certain figures or parties.

“We’re working to establish the new state in accordance with modern principles,” said Hadi.