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Sana’a Christians threatened with death

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By NY Staff

A Christian resident has reported that on 2 December 2012, a group of gunmen broke into a church on Sana’a’s outskirts and threatened those present with death if they continued practicing their religion.

“Two pickup trucks loaded with tens of gunmen broke into our church, gathered us in a corner of the church, took our phones, broke some tools and robbed others before threatening us with death,” said the resident.

He added that Yemenis don’t attend the church and that Sana’a’s Christians aren’t interested in disrupting others’ religious observance.

“The church was built simply because there are many Christian Indians working in Yemen and they come to church to practice their religion,” he said.

The Christian man also said that Yemeni policemen visit the church on a monthly basis and make close observations of activities at the church.

As a result of the violent raid, the church suffered an estimated 25 thousand dollars’ worth of losses. The Christians who were threatened placed the blame for the attack on supporters of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to them, Saleh supporters who had been protesting in Sana’a’s Aser area were responsible.

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  • Everything is right, finally you've blamed Former President Saleh's supporter, which is 100% wrong. Actually We & Police Department did not know, who are they. In that case, How we could point the fingers on one Group. Plz remove that clause.