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Street Cleaners suspends strike in Sana’a, continues it in other provinces

National Yemen

Mohammed Al-Marzooqi

By Bushra Al-Ameri

The Municipal and Housing Workers Union announced a suspension of their strike Thursday after meeting with Secretary of the Capital, Abdulkaher Hilal. An agreement between the sides was reached; the government will officially hire the union and the workers will have representation in the National Dialogue Conference.

Following the meeting, the union called on all members to continue working.

The union released a statement praising Hilal and his support for the workers.

Meanwhile, branches of the union in other provinces such as Taiz, Aden, Dhamar, Ibb, Shabwa, Hadhramout and Amran called on workers to continue striking. Governors from those provinces have refused to meet with the union or address their demands.

“While Abdulkader Hilal is seriously working on registering the remaining 2900 workers, not one of the workers in the other provinces was officially hired,” Union leader Mohammed Al-Marzooqi said.


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