Azar Global – The Art of Selling Training

National Yemen

A training designed to give businesses an edge was held in Sana’a recently. Topping Forbe’s list of the world’s worst economies in 2012, the economic crisis in Yemen has devastated businesses in the country. Those who’ve survived the past two years have had to demonstrate a high level of competitiveness to avoid closing doors.

Founder and Managing Director of Azar Global, Bashar Jarkasy, designed the training specifically for the Yemeni market.

Azar Global is a Service Provider and Trading Company specialized in Management Consulting and Management Training. 

The company draws expertise from Jarkasy’s 22 years of experience and the expertise of top consultants from around the world.  A lead auditor for Quality & Environment Systems (ISO), Human Resources Standard (SA8000), and a former Procurement and Logistic Director with over 40 certificates of accreditation, Jarkasy has dealt with companies that range from the oil, textile, telecommunication, consulting and education sectors.

Designed purposefully for the Yemeni market and based on studies that assess the needs of the customer, The Arts Training Experience is a glimpse of the strategies that Azar Global adopts to restructure small and large scale enterprises.

“One of the problems that exist with Yemeni salesmen and organizations is the resistance to change, to adopt new strategies that deal with the transforming conditions. We specialize on restructuring companies with partial or total failure in its operation or management, be they governmental or private. Our services are not cheap but we can guarantee their immediate and long term positive impact on the company; our consultation can be viewed as an investment in the business that will return benefits.”

“We will not only provide a service, we will make a difference…we are the partner of choice to transform business and society,” said Jarkasy, summarizing Azar Global’s mission.

This was to be achieved by taking companies that are in unsatisfactory condition and helping them reach international standards.

The process starts with a diagnostic assessment of the health of the company, which is followed by an improvement action plan for complete recovery.

The Company subdivides into three main departments: management consulting, management training and technology services.

The latter comprehends Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. They consist of specifically designed models to integrate the different systems (HR, finance and accounts, budget, procurement, logistics, sales, etc.) that operate in the client business so that the most efficient performance is ensured.

To enhance company performance the Electronic/Enterprise Document Management System (EDM) offers solutions for archives management and documents search.

The Fleet Tracking System offered by Azar Global allows remote monitoring and control of vehicles. It has proved suitable for a variety of uses due to its security features and advanced technology. Azar Global also has a fleet of medium-sized red buses that transport students or employees to and from work. The buses meet high international standards for service.

Testimonies from The Art of Selling trainees

Alia Abdulkarem Qasem – Yemeni Women Union

The training wasn’t only beneficial for people working in a direct sale field. I work as an accountant and found many points that I could apply in my work as well. I think that The Art of Selling was a training that could benefit our personal lives as it touches upon the art of dealing with people in general, even if they are not our customers.

I enjoyed the way the training was conducted, as it was clear and entertaining; moreover Mr. Jarkasy gave us real life examples through which we could understand and be persuaded of the presentation.

Eng. Ehsan Barakat – GM of Yemen Logistics

Learning effective selling techniques is a must to be able to compete in today’s global market. I believe that everyone needs to develop and improve no matter in which career they are in; in fact one of the most important topics touched upon in the course was change and the need for it. Change—it’s a small word but has immense impact and significance. I noticed that this training comprehends points that are valuable to learn for anyone who deals with people, even if simply in their personal lives.

Yasmine Al Alia- Dream Motors

I decided to enroll in this program to develop my skills, to learn the best possible practices and behaviors.

The major problem in Yemen is the indifference or absence of respect that salesmen sometimes demonstrate, so it was interesting to learn about ideal sales behavior elements.

Abeer Al Sayed – Al Thawra Newspaper

Through this course, I realized that selling is not limited to material objects. It could be about an idea, cause or concept.

It was interesting to hear about the ways we could influence and get in synch with the client to ensure a better sale outcome.

Selling should not be a random thing, but an ordered, planned and designed process. Any rejection or loss shouldn’t be taken personally nor considered a failure, but taken instead as a learning lesson from which we should gain information.

Etab Ahmed Ali- United Insurance

This course showed me how to develop a relationship with the customer so that even if he doesn’t immediately buy, he’ll remain a potential customer or will recommend our company to others. The importance of following certain etiquette and keeping a balanced attitude in our dealings with the client was also highlighted.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the training was complete in every sense, from the first interaction with the customer to the sale close up to post sale services.

Sami Fouad – Yemen Logistics

This is the first time I had attended such training and it was all very new to me, I tried to remember and incorporate the most amount possible now  that I’m armed with this valuable knowledge. The focal point was probably the art of dealing with people in general.