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Lawyer barred from visiting client in prison

National Yemen

Yemen – Sana’a Airport

By Bushra Al-Ameri

Political Security Prison officials have prevented lawyer Hamid Musleh Al-Hajieli from visiting his client, Adel Omar Khamis, who recently arrived in Yemen from Iraq. Khamis, who spent eight years in an Iraqi prison, was arrested early last week at Sana’a International Airport.

Al-Hujaili stated that soldiers prevented him from visiting his client, and that he was told that lawyers are not allowed to enter the prison.

“Although they knew of my purpose, they did not allow me to visit the prisoner; they did, however, allow one of his relatives to visit him,” he added.

According to Al-Hujaili, not being allowed to visit his client was unjustified and illegal. Al-Hujaili demanded that Yemen’s president restructure the Political Security Forces so that it would serve citizens and protect their rights and freedoms.


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