Oil sector workers consider going on strike

National Yemen

An oil facility in Hadhramout

By NY Staff

The Preparatory Committee for the Oil and Minerals Forum has confirmed its support for the demands of all workers in the fields. A representative stated that bad administration, a lack of adherence to workers’ rights, and the ongoing presence of corrupt elements have translated into a real disaster for the country.

“The failure to act and eradicate corrupt administrators has served to assure us that there are no intentions to achieve change and clear the nation’s institutions of corruption,” said the representative.

The committee also demanded that President Hadi and Minister Dares pay close attention to the demands of workers at the Safer and Petromasila Companies and respond to the demands of workers at oil services companies who have been stating their demands for a month. Workers have escalated their demonstrations and have threatened to strike.

According to a committee representative, the need for workers’ demands to be met was behind the consideration of a strike.

“Workers will not back down from their positions, even with corrupt forces aligned against them,” added the representative.

He further called on workers at the Aden and Marib refineries to loudly speak out against corrupt individuals.

The committee called on all workers in the oil and minerals sector to stage demonstrations for the purposes of having their lost rights restored and removing corrupt individuals from positions of influence.

“All lawful organizations should stand with the oil sector workers instead of the corrupted powers which have continued to control the most vital parts of this sector, even after two years have passed since the start of the revolution,” read part of a statement issued by the committee.

The committee also warned against ignoring the workers’ demands, noting that doing so would result in increased demonstrations by oil sector workers.

“Escalated demonstrations would lead to a complete oil production stoppage,” read the statement.

In other oil sector news, local sources in Marib governorate have stated that a group of gunmen exploded an oil pipeline in a sabotage attack in Serwah directorate on Friday. The sources added that days before, the gunmen had been drilling around the pipeline as part of their preparations for the sabotage attack.