Private sector workers demonstrate in Taiz

National Yemen

Private sector workers

By Ahmed Al-Bukhari

The Coordination Council for the Private Sector Workers Union recently organized and held a demonstration in Taiz to demand increased rights for private sector workers.

Protesters marched from Jamal Street and through the city until they reached the epicenter of Taiz’s part of 2011’s revolution, Freedom Square. March organizers issued a statement in which they demanded that the president, government and concerned authorities halt the implementation of a labor law which was issued in 1995.

They stated that the law was unfair to the weak and demanded that labor agreements which were signed by nations around the world, Yemen included, be implemented.

“Laws should be modified to ensure better situations for workers, and as well as the granting of improved social services,” read a portion of the statement.

The organizers demanded that temporary decisions be made to raise workers’ pay, including an increase in the minimum wage. A number of other demands were made, which in sum aimed to improve private sector workers’ general living standards.