Group condemns gov’t stance towards wounded revolutionaries

National Yemen

Injured revolutionaries requiring medical treatment protested atop the stage at Change Square in 2012. Photo by Luke Somers- National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Front to Save the Revolution released a statement sharply condemning the government for failing to undertake procedures to have wounded revolutionaries travel abroad for medical treatment. A statement from the group read, “The authorities are punishing us because we resorted to the judicial system to obtain rights to medical treatment.” The statement also indicated that officials had refused to cooperate on the matter of issuing visas to wounded Youth Revolution participants to countries where they would receive necessary medical treatment. “The situation reveals a fully aggressive attitude towards the revolutionaries and an ignorance of their suffering. They’ve forgotten that they reached their positions with the help of the revolutionaries,” stated the document. The Front to Save the Revolution has called on citizens to protest the official stance towards the revolutionaries by participating in an open-ended hunger strike. The strike is set to be launched by group representative Ahmed Saif Hashed on 29 January 2013 and, according to the statement, will last until the government has responded to the group’s demands.