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Local sources: Houthis disrupt reconstruction efforts in Harf Sufian

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Houthi loyalist appears holding the Houthi’s slogan

By NY Staff

Due to the spread of armed Houthi groups, Harf Sufian has reportedly experienced increased civil tensions. According to local sources, Houthis prevented reconstruction committees of reconstruction from performing tasks in the directorate.

“They tried to seize funds specified for the directorate’s reconstruction,” said one local source.

Sources added that local sources wished to divide reconstruction funds into three parts: one for the Houthis themselves, the second part for Sheikh Sagheer Bin-Azeez, and the third portion for the Director of the directorate.

In a related matter, a number of teachers have refused to return to Sa’ada because arrest campaigns have been launched against them. In response, Sa’ada teachers organized a protest before the Prime Ministry in which they conveyed a complete refusal to teach in Sa’ada governorate.

The teachers also demanded that they receive their payments and be given jobs in government-controlled locations.